Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Windows 10

Took a chance and upgraded my laptop to windows 10 just to play with it and see how it interacts with existing programs. What a mistake. Microsoft says it is built on windows 7 but it appears to be built on windows 8 with windows 7 enhancements. What a P-O-S! DO NOT DO IT. I was smart enough to create a system image prior to this fiasco. But once you have windows 10, it will not recognize the backup system image. So I did a restart and hit F-11 and restored the thing to the factory settings (the ones it was originally sold with). This put windows 7 back as the operating system and restoring the backup system image was easy and only took a couple of hours. Without the system image I would have had to do a couple years worth of windows updates and reinstalled my programs.

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