Monday, February 3, 2014

Burried Treasure

The trunk of a car is bigger than most of us realize. You can pack it full of crap as we can testify. I had to unload the trunk into the back seat to access the spare tire. Then we took the car to Costco to have a new tire installed. Now this falls into the same thinking as cleaning the house just before the maid arrives, but you just can't let the guys at the shop see ALL that crap in your trunk! Here is a photo of the detritus, with the exception of the propane tanks, that was inhabiting our trunk. And think, we still had room in there to shop at Costco!


  1. LOL....and did we have to put so much of it back in again?

  2. A car trunk is a frightening thing! David'scar is a trunk. Just room for him to drive!