Monday, November 11, 2013


We finished all of our tasks Sunday like wash both vehicles, go to Costco, the grocery store, put the red rug out and fix a lamp just in time to scamper off to Shelter Island to catch the Star of India returning home just before sunset.

                     Homeland Security is also waiting and the Star is on the horizon
                                                                 She is getting closer
                                                  Passing North Island Naval Air Station
                                                           Heading into Downtown


  1. That lens is great, and you got some wonderful shots.

  2. The last photo is such a contrast in time!

  3. As you live near the sea, I must share this fact….there never was a ' flat earth society.'

    Humans figured out the earth was round because of the way ships appeared on the horizon, tip of the mast first. This according to my professor of science history.

  4. PS The last shot is to die for. Love the light and colors. Would be beautiful as an abstract painting. Why not play with it in photo shop?

  5. What do the kids say nowaways? ...Awesome! Or is it, Amazing!

    Fun day for you two.