Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Another Day In Paradise

There is nothing major planned for today. The physical therapist shows up at noon and Lessa & the youngen are stopping by to pick up a bundle of goodies we picked up at Tar-jay for school. Yesterday I installed a handrail from the kitchen down to the garage. She can't do stairs yet without handrails and when you just have to have a shopping fix, things get done.


  1. You are just sooooooooo funny. Shopping is the perfect solution to every problem. LOL

  2. Hi Geeze. Those handrails are a must, even if you are bodily whole. A safety feature after all. Dianne

  3. You're a good husband. :)
    If I must shop, Tar-jay is tops on my list.
    I like your strange character in the photo.